Confessions of a Perfectionist

You know what’s dumb?

…The fact that I have not posted here since December.

…The fact that I have over 50 writings saved to ‘drafts’ that I am too afraid to post because they aren’t “perfect”

…The fact that I am that concerned over what I post, when in actuality no one even reads this.

So that is going to change.  Since this blog is a ghost town anyway- which it was more or less intended to be, I suppose- I am going to start publishing a lot more.  Some of it will be rambles. And I’m sure a it won’t be good.  A lot it might not even have a proper ending (*gasp!*).  But who cares?  It’s time to start getting those juices flowing. And what good are those drafts all doing sitting there in the draft box?  So no more of that. It’s going to be no holds bar here.  Only post-ity, post, post.




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