Rent A Room To Love

Heavy heart; too many thoughts in your head
Your body is alert but your limbs like lead
Pick up the pieces and get into bed
Another day done and you’re not dead

Gingerly crawl under the sheets
Stark coolness where the skin meets
Through your tears, the loneliness will  leach
All you pray for is  to reach
The sleep that you  beseech

Waiting, you study the moon in it’s cape of blue
The sly face that stares back at you
Seems to confirm all that you fear is true

Your life has become empty and hollow
Growing up too fast, your heart you did not follow
Heedless to the sunshine of today while waiting for tomorrow

It’s a bitter pill to swallow
our own choices have brought you here, alone and full of sorrow

You claim a new chapter but at any chance of love you run
Keeping yourself drunk and numb in the name of fun
Playing up the act of Wild Child and Loaded Gun
Intimidating potential lovers so real emotions you can shun

Keeping walls up and defenses high
Is that any way to get by?
No wonder you don’t feel alive
When will you realize that there is more to life than how to survive?

So before you burn out and hit the ground
Look for  love, even when you think it can’t be found
Even in the dark when there isn’t a sound
Love is within you: breath for breath and  pound for pound

Give up this uphill fight
Feel the warmth of the sun even in the darkest of night
Brandish your heart and you’ll see it still shines bright
Even though the memories still bite
Release the pain of yesterday like a kite

It will only take some time for you to tell
Love is alive and well
You don’t need to be an empty shell

Slink back into your own skin
It is not weakness to let love in
You deserve serenity and affection

Trust the powers above
Let strength fit you like a glove
Real bravery is renting a room in your heart to Love



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