Hallelujah The Holidays Are Over

I survived my first holiday season post-divorce and completely single.

And it mostly looked/felt like this:

tumblr_mygtq5VFqf1s1mqm7o1_500(Which is only appropriate considering I feel like I am Robin Scherbatsky incarnate)

Now, let’s play a game called ‘Holiday Highlights with #hashtags ‘:

    Receiving word 6 days before Christmas that my divorce is 100% finalized. (This actually *sounds* a lot more reliving/fun/exciting than it is).

Watching the spike in engagements and baby announcements/births on Facebook. #ANiceConstantReminderThatYourLifeIsAtAStandstill

Learning that a close family member, who is getting married this year, has chosen my wedding song as their wedding song.

My mother telling me, in front of all the family, that I’m a terrible Dog-Mom #GladImNotPlanningOnHavingKidsBecauseObviouslyISuck

Being sick.  Repeatedly.

Inevitably and irrevocably missing those who are no longer around for the holidays… #DeathSucksEnoughSaid

The resurgence of insomnia.

 Walking in to Christmas Dinner and seeing the top of my wedding cake being thawed

At least I’m still alive.  Here’s hoping 2014 isn’t so brutal…


2 thoughts on “Hallelujah The Holidays Are Over

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