One Year…


It has always been a BIG bucket list item of mine to create and maintain a blog for at least a year.  I have tried this in the past (there may or may not be half a dozen unattended blogs floating around) and it has never lasted more than a few months with a post here or there. Like many endeavors, it begins with a lot of zealousness and then peters out with the rhythm of daily life. 

This blog has been different.  This blog has been something that I have consistently worked hard at and a year later, I couldn’t be happier about the final product.  I’m so proud of myself for committing to my writing; to maintaining some form of creativity and self-expression. For those who have read, thank you and thank you for not burning me at the stake with your judgements.  Although it’s minimally read (which is more than the number of zero readers I anticipated), the process has been cathartic and a safe space to explore my inner feelings.  

Cheers to Separate Ways lasting longer than the marriage that perpetuated it!  (Bazinga!)


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