“It’s been a year and a day since I talked to you”

Friday’s typically have me all riled up with excitement for the weekend.  This Friday is different.  It’s sleepy and quiet today in the office, with many of my coworkers scraping together the last of their summer vacations.

The bad news is that this has left me with entirely too much time on my hands to think.  And it has brought me back to last summer.  Which was brought up by this song that came on while I put my entire Spotify library on shuffle.  It had me thinking of exactly where I was last summer.  I was with him.  A year ago we spent this whole weekend together:  dinner date, sleep over, a drive to the beach and a Sunday drive to a (semi) local brewery. 

It was the height of our summer romance.  It was when I thought maybe all we really needed in this life was each other…

Sigh.  Cheers to nostalgia…

Remember last summer when we had the chance
To find each other, start makin’ romance?

It’s been a year and a day since I talked to you
I don’t know how I made it, but I sure have been blue
Every time I think of what might have been
I jump in my car and start ridin’ again

And I can’t find no true love, oh, baby, it’s so hard
And I still think about you every time I’m ridin’ in my car


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