Musings # 3: You’re Going To Be Fine

It’s been a rough couple of weeks…as you might have been able to tell from my most recent post.  Further, in an effort to do some much needed saving of funds, I have gotten rid of cable and have resorted to watching various TV series I have on DVD.  One of these is a show from my High School days, Felicity.   I came upon this one scene and I felt like it could have been me in Felicity’s position and as pathetic as it is…I really needed to hear Noel’s response.  Even if it wasn’t legitimately given to me, personally,  I needed to hear something like this.  From someone, even if that someone is fictional…

Have you ever felt like there is no solace in anything?  Like wherever you turn you’re just lost? I have never felt so lost in every conceivable way before…

See this really awful thing just happened and it left a dark cloud… hovering.  And it’s made you feel like you are weak and vulnerable, but you are forgetting something very important: you are forgetting who you are in the equation.  Because you are this really strong and independent and beautiful woman.  So before you let yourself get caught up in the drama of the moment, you gotta know you are going to be fine.  That you are going to be more than fine, you are going to be great.


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