Storm Warning

wedding storm.jpg

I’ve been living under a blanket of grey skies
Worried that all life is , is a string of lies

But the rattle of the rain fades
As my mind brings me to sunnier days

That July day was bright and warm
I never did anticipate the storm
There was so much love and laughter
But in came the clouds, faster and faster

You call me a joker, but I never would have counted on us being over

Believe what you will, but I gave you all I knew how to give
Is it so bad that now I want to live?
To feel all the feelings I once denied
I wish I could do it with you by my side
Is it a shame to have given up on my foolish pride?
But something stirs deeper inside

I need more, I need love, I need me
And we truly have been all that we can be

So with a kiss, let me send you packing
I only hope the next one can make up for all I am lacking


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