Musings #2: Friends

It has been said that, at times. I can be overly dramatic.  It has also been said that only children (like myself) don’t share well.  Perhaps this is why at 26-going-on-27-years-old I still find myself getting  upset when I see friends doing things and I’m not a part of it.  I very easily get the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when a group of coworkers go out for lunch and do not invite me or when I see Facebook photos of events I was not aware of.

I know that in the grown up world, you need to just accept that you are not always invited to everything.  Regardless,  all it takes is the notion that someone forgot about me-or worse- intentionally didn’t invite me to something and BAM I feel like I am in the 3rd grade again and my best friend sitting with someone else at lunch.

Do we ever get over this?  Am I the only one who feels this way?

I suppose for now, I’ll keep it on the list of things to bring up with my therapist and try count my blessings for those who do remember me and keep an open invite.

Chin up, wine bottle open. After all, it’s Friday 🙂


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