Musings #1: Call Me Crazy

As I have discussed before, I am not big into gender roles and stereotypes.  However, even as a feminist, I have to admit, that women as a population, can be a little…extreme…and sometimes even delusional.

Shit, let’s just call a spade a spade: bitches be cray. 

That said, I generally consider myself fairly sane on the crazy spectrum. I am often a little very startled by the thought process, emotions and reactions of those women I see around me–most particularly when it comes to men, dating and relationships. The obsessive calling, Facebook stalking, and preemptive wedding planning can be a little much and a little out of control.

This is not to say that I haven’t seen my fair share of men who have also acted in a similarly crazy, obsessive manner.   Nor do all women always fall into this crazy category.  Further, this is not referring to legitimate mental illness, which is just that- illness and not something to be taken lightly.

However, last week, I finally was able to commiserate with my female friends since, as briefly discussed in last week’s post Match or Match Point, I found myself in the opposite side of things.  I was checking my emails constantly, wouldn’t go anywhere without my phone and had a pretty detailed plan in my head about what our future would could entail.   Then, when I wasn’t hearing from him enough, I got angry.  Too angry.  Burn the house down angry.  With a sigh, I have to admit that I may have, in fact, jumped on the crazy train for a brief period of time there.

It got me thinking…where does all of this come from!?  Why do we as women act like this?  Is this behavior perpetuated through women relating to other women? Is it because men have such a solid history of cheating/lying/generally burning women? Is it biological and/or related to hormones (doubtful, and I hate blaming anything on women’s biology)?  Is it society’s pressure to be in a relationship in order to measure self worth and success?

I still don’t have an answer and I probably never will, otherwise I would have unlocked one of the universe’s greatest mysteries.  However, from here on out, I will be on the look out for more clues. 

Clues to figure out what makes a woman act like this:


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