Match or Match Point?

While away in Vegas, I seem to have “met my match.”   This phrase is fitting because it can mean vastly different things.  Please see below:

1. Particularly in light of the popular dating site named,, and the recent fame for “professional match makers,” via reality TV, the idea of meeting my match could mean I met a man.  It could mean Vegas brought me to the one, a perfect relationship, a soul mate.

2.On the contrary, the phrase “met my match” could imply that I met someone who is equal (matching) me in talents or some specific ability.  In this case: dating.  The interwebs has a definition of this phrase as: “Your match is the person who matches you in skills. If you have met your match, you have met the person who is your equal or better, and you will not be able to beat them at whatever you are doing. You use this idiom when you are about to lose at something.”

So which is it?  Because each have very contradictory meanings.

The truth is, I wish I knew.

Right now, “the match” and I are in a state of limbo and I am still trying to figure out if I have met my heart’s match, or if I have met my match in nonchalance and aloofness when it comes to relationships.  As I tend to always be the one who acts detached and breaking the hearts, the tables may have been turned. The jury is still out, because if this doesn’t pan out, I truly will be a little bit heart broken.

The Story:
During vacation, I truly opened my heart to someone for the first time in almost ten years (since “The Ex I can’t get over“).  The romance seemed mutual and he was the one who suggested that we stay in contact and attempt some form of relationship despite living very, (and I mean very) far away.  Fast forward to a week and half (5 days, but who’s counting?), and his communication has been sparse.  At least by my standards. So I am left wondering where we really stand, what his intentions really are and what is his current thought process. Is he still interested?  Is he really into me?  Why or why not?

In other words–I’m being a girl.  I’m being the girl that I am not used to being.  See my Notes From the Field post and you will get a taste for my nonchalance and general confidence around men and dating.  That’s all nonexistent with this one.  I’m nervous and jumpy and consumed with thoughts of him and us-memories, prospects, everything.  But it doesn’t seem to be as reciprocated as he has not been super communicative…

So I’ve met my match.  It’s only a matter of time to see if I get burned

And in the mean time–I’ll try to more like Alex (my normal self) and less like GiGi as seen here:


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