It’s The Little Things


For the first time in very long time, this morning my alarm went off and I was not wrestled from the throws of a deep sleep.  Instead, I was already in that semi-awake state.  Before the soft pattern of theiPhone alarm rang, I was very conscious of my two pups snuggled against my side, the light streaming through the window and the warm comfort of my down quilt.  Considering how exhausted I have been, it was a glorious thing to reach waking time and not be frantically running a mental debate on what I could put off before leaving (showering? necessary? nah.) so I could snooze more .

Needless to say, I bounded into the office in a sickeningly good mood.   When someone asked me why, at 8am, I was so cheery, I realized that I really didn’t have a solid answer.  Nothing super great has happened (other than it’s Friday).  But still, I almost don’t even need my coffee this morning.  The more I thought about what was making me so happy today (not that I’m fighting this good mood), I realized I was (finally) content, even just for this moment or day, with the little things in my life.  So, I suppose I could take a break from the ranting and review some of the things that have contributed to my newfound euphoria

* The Month of March.  It’s not the actual month.  I actually loathe March more than any other month because there are no (paid) holidays, and it’s generally still winter-ish when you just want it to be friggin’ spring already.  However, today it felt so good to flip that calendar from February to March.  First of all, it was an exciting notion to close the chapter on this past month.  February was not kind to me.  Too much drama.  Too much heartbreak.  Too many emotional dilemmas.  I’m ready for a new month and new opportunities for more positivity in my life.  Additionally, not only is it one month closer to the warmer months, but I have a ton of fun things lined up for the coming month-parties, road trips, concerts, birthdays, you name it!  Annnnnd my super adorbs office calendar depicting my favorite animal, pigs, has a great picture for the month.  Boom.

*Threaded Bliss.  For me, there is nothing better than having a new outfit to wear.  It’s brainless, it’s fresh and you always feel better inside and out if you think you look like a million bucks.  Today I am sporting a brand new purchase (which is rare these days as money is super tight).  I adore this silk, flowy, Banana Republic blouse that my mother treated me to on an impromptu, lunch-hour, mall rendezvous the other day.  It just adds to my fresh start/feel good feeling today.

*Work.  Yup, that’s right, my job is actually adding to my happiness.  Crazy right?!  Let me clarify.  While I would love to have the day off, I’m actually super caught up at work, which is a great feeling.  And above anything else, I love, love, love my coworkers. I am genuinely lucky to work on the team that I do.  We laugh every. single. day.  We are highly inappropriate.  We care about each other.  We are just awesome.  It honestly gets me a touch choked up when I think about the support and love I feel from them.  It has been an absolute godsend in the wake of my divorce, as work can actually be such a safe haven for me.  Anyway, moving on from the mush-zone, it’s also Friday and Friday’s are the most fun because we are all antsy for the weekend…not to mention tonight we are going to a BIG Happy Hour together.

*Great neighbors. In a similar vein, my neighbors rock.  I am so freaking lucky to have some of my best friends living right around the corner.  They are going to take care of my dogs so I don’t have to worry about running home.  And they do this a lot.  I am not sure how I would live as a single dog mom if I didn’t have them…

*My Face.  Since the summer (incidentally, since I left D*), my face has been constantly broken out in manner far worse than I ever even experienced as an adolescent.  It can seem trivial, but anyone who has had moderate to severe acne knows how embarrassing this is.  Particularly as a grown adult.  Who is dating.  Just the last week or so it is finally clearing up.  Or at least it’s clearer than it has been in months.  I’ll take it.

*Payday.  Enough said.

*Weekend Plans.  Friday’s always rock, but it’s even more stellar knowing I have a full weekend of awesomeness lined up.  Happy Hour with my amazing coworkers tonight.  Then meeting my mother and some family friends for post-dinner drinks closer to home.  Saturday brings sleeping in and then catching up with a good friend while pre-gaming before we head out to meet the rest of the 13 people we went on a beach vacation with last summer.  Sunday, I have a coffee date with a good friend and then a date, date with a boy.

BOOM.  Good mood and GO.  Reasonable reasons or not, I don’t care. I’m going with it and riding it out as long as this train allows.


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