Do you remember when? When life was simple and easy
Like Sunday mornings of your youth?
Waking up to the warm sun on your face and your mother’s embrace

Do you remember when?
We had love in our hearts and peace in our souls
We were friends?
It’s amazing how with time, everything bends
Variations of the truth

I miss the days of knowing your face
Our thoughts
Keeping pace
Keeping time, like a perfect rhyme

Until it wasn’t so perfect or perfection was deceiving
Which was it?
And why, 8 months later, is my heart still bleeding?

The funny thing is
I’m not even bleeding for love, love.
I’m just bleeding for you: my best friend
I’m done playing pretend
We never should have been in bed
Never should have taken those vows
I only hope time allows
For us to come together again
Together with out the hate and the strife
I want you in my life
Want you to be here again
With me
With us

It will all be ok


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