Lost in Matrimony

       Lost in Matrimony

To thine own self be true, but what about to you?
What is one to do?
When you crave to hold your own soul
But for matrimony, you have used it to pay the toll

Weddings come at the price of giving yourself away
Veiled in white lace until the day comes that you don’t recognize your own face
Who is that girl?  What happened to the blush in her cheeks?  Her independent streaks?
Buried deep, waiting for another day, another life perhaps, only hoping too much time won’t lapse.

Funny, how the movies only show a wedding as the happy end
What happened after, when Prince Charming won’t bend?
Does Cinderella run just like she did that first night?
Which is a worse plight?
To be missing love in your life or missing yourself?
To cry alone and aloud, or cry silently with the slumbering soul beside you?

Is it inevitable? Feeling lost and alone?
Speaking out, only to find your voice comes out without a sound,
Since when did you give in before the fight even reached the second round?

Finally I begin to see me; I have been found

A minute too late, the stroke past midnight
Is all now lost?  Can I make this right?
Only with time can I tell
Will I stay or will I go?

Without answers my anticipation swells


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